Sep 2018 - SVCA National Specialty - Dewey, AZ

The national specialty this year was held in Dewey, AZ and I was the event chair. It was a fun filled week, with a ton of activities, foreign guests and special events. I was very proud of my dogs and how they performed. A little blurb on each of their accomplishments is found on their page. Zar was the winner of the Most Versatile Vallhund competition at 10 years old. It was his last big specialty I’m sure. Not that I won’t trot him out for a veteran’s class here and there, but he won’t compete in all of the events like he did this year. Stryker and Bert did a great job in MVV as well, but need a bit more experience in venues other than herding. In the herding arena they really performed well. Kailani did well in the conformation shows, and is now over half way to her bronze Grand Championship.

BCCofAZ AKC Herding Trial - May 2017

It was a great weekend at the AKC trial, 10 runs and 10 qualifiers.  Zar became the first Swedish Vallhund to have an AKC advanced herding title, and on Sunday he followed it up with his first championship point.  

Zar - Saturday - Advanced geese 76 and Title! 
Intermediate sheep - 85
Sunday - Advanced geese 88 - 5th place and 1 CHAMPIONSHIP POINT!!!!
Intermediate sheep - 85

Stryker - Saturday - Started geese - 92 and 4th place
Started sheep - 92 and 5th place
Sunday - Started sheep - 85
Started geese - 93 and 3rd place

Laila - Saturday and Sunday started sheep qualifiers - 73 and 74 - still has difficulty with a nice start but after she gets her sheep to me there are some very nice moments.

Thank you Dawna Sims for your expert training and handling over the last couple of years.

PWCCSC Corgi/Vallhund Only Herding Trial - April 2017

Stryker, Zar, Bert and Laila competed in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California's Corgi/Swedish Vallhund only trial.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with nice people, good food and some herding fun.  Stryker was the star, winning High in Trial in both sheep trials and one duck trial.  Laila finished her PT and Bert got one leg on his PT.  Zar ran some really nice runs but did not qualify in advanced or intermediate.  The photo below is Stryker and Dawna with his winnings!

ASFA AKC Herding Trial - January 2017

My boy Stryker was HIT on geese at the ASFA AKC trial at Fastlane Aussies.  It is not easy for a Swedish Vallhund to go HIT at an all breed trial in this area.  There are many very good dogs and handlers and I am super proud of his ability on stock. Thank you Dawna for bringing out the best in him!! He is definitely following in his dad's footsteps!


Superstition Kennel Club - March 2017

I had a great weekend in Phoenix, just Laila and Stryker and I, but we accomplished a couple of big things!  Laila, CH Fantasi Born to be Wild, RN, HT, RATO finished her Grand Championship.  Stryker, CH Caliente Lightning Strikes Twice, RN, HSAsd, STDsd, HTADge, HTADs got his first grand point as well and was owner handler BOB both days.  We got an owner handler group 2 and group 3 and Stryker, expertly handled by Shawna Swanson got a group 4 in the regular groups!  Not bad for a 2 year old.  Stryker and I also got 2 advanced rally legs with a second and third place.  So a very successful weekend.

Stryker Phoenix shows.jpg